Givewith data

Turn your data into a cash donation for a good cause. In just a few clicks, connect your anonymous data, select your favorite cause, and donate.


1. You Connect Data

Connect your facebook and a debit or credit card. It just takes a minute.

2. It's anonymized

We strip out any identifiable information, like pictures, names or addresses.

3. It's aggregated

The data is pooled with other users' data so it can be structured and analyzed.

4. Insights are sold

Insights gleaned from the data are sold to companies that want to better understand consumer trends.

5. cash donated

100% of the proceeds are donated to a cause, or charity of your choice.

6. Charities do good

With your donation, charities are one step closer to achieving their goals.


  • What data is required to make a donation?

    - Basic demographic data - Age, gender and location

    - Basic Facebook profile - Things like hometown, language, school, etc.

    - Shopping data - Date, amount and name of merchant where you've shopped in the past

  • How much cash is donated to the cause or charity?

    We are donating $5 on behalf of a donor who meets the data requirements. 100% of proceeds from selling insights will go toward funding donations.

  • Does the cause or charity ever see my data?

    No. The cause or charity never sees your data. Since we are donating on your behalf, the cause or charity does not know the email or identity of anyone who donated.

  • So what happens to my data?

    Your data is anonymized (ie; we take out any personally identifiable data-points), then we create consumer analysis reports and sell those reports to fund the donation.

  • Who is buying data?

    Entities interested in consumer patterns and trends include:

    - Brands

    - Retailers

    - CPG companies (Consumer Packaged Goods like toothpaste or detergent)

    - Investment firms

    - Insurance companies

    - Advertising-Technology companies

    - Market Researchers

  • Will data purchasers ever be able to contact me?

    No. By default, purchasers have no way of contacting you because they don't have access to emails, addresses or any other identifying or contact information.

  • Will I be able to make another donation?

    Yes. You will be able to make another donaton every 90 days from when you made your first donation.

  • Can I pocket the money instead of donating it?

    Yes. Head over to to see how to monetize your own data.

  • Who is behind this?

    Datacoup is the parent company of Give With Data. Datacoup is a platform that provides you with tools and ways to use your data for different purposes like donating, or receiving value in return for sharing your anonymous data.

  • Is this secure?

    Yes. We never see or store any password or account information from the accounts you've connected.

    Facebook - We use the standard Facebook Connect protocol (called Oauth).

    Shopping history - When you enter your bank credentials to connect a debit or credit card, the credentials do not ever hit our servers. A token is immediately created when passing through the financial API, which validates the connection to the bank. All data is transmitted in encrypted form using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The connection we establish is on a 'Read-Only' basis, which means we could never manipulate a transaction or account even if we tried.

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